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Koffylaagte Valley, Eastern Cape

Something for everyone!

The lodge is geared to provide our guests with fun-filled activities and adventures. There are 12-seater open Land Rover game vehicles, offering day and night game drives.
One can also enjoy the rich game viewing experience at Koffylaagte with guided safari walks and horseback safaris.

Koffylaagte Game Lodge actively contributes to sustainable wildlife conservancy by breeding game species. Breeding programmes include species such as White Rhinoceros, Cape Buffalo, Giraffe, Burchells Zebra, as well as some rare antelope species such as Nyala, Waterbok and Lechwe. Depending on the availability of such breeding programmes on site, guests may participate in close animal handling, feeding or veterinary attention given to the animals during captivity stage.

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Guided Recreation Activities 

Morning or Afternoon Game Drive

The morning drive starts around 9am and the afternoon drive starts around 4pm. These drives are approximately 2 hours and concentrate on the unique fauna and flora, history and wildlife on the farm. Diurnal animals one can anticipate seeing; giraffe, zebra, eland, impala, warthog, nyala, springbok, waterbuck, baboons, gemsbuck, mountain reibuck, rhino, meerkat and vervet monkey.

Night Game Drive

Our night drives are approx. 90mins and have the added bonus of a magical starlit sky and nocturnal animals one can anticipate seeing include; porcupine, bat eared fox, the illusive aardvark, black backed jackal, striped pole cat and cape spotted eagle owls.

Guided Walks & giraffe tracking safaris

Our guided walks are approx. 2 hours and are comfortable and informative. Join us in experiencing the Karoo on foot and learn about how bushmen used their surroundings to survive.

Guided Hike

Our hike is approx. 3 hours and is aimed for the view seekers. It takes you to the top of some of the best viewing spots on the farm, looking down on Koffylaagte to get a bird’s eye view of the Karoo Heartland.

Guided Horseback Safaris

Experience a relaxing guided stroll on these beautiful creatures that allow you to get near to wildlife, particularly giraffe, and appreciate nature up close and personal. Ride duration is approx. 2 hours


Practicing your super sharp target shooting skills takes you back to a time before many other weapons existed. A primal age when all men had was a fire, a bow and an arrow…

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What’s New

Rhino Fact! Did you know…

White rhinoceros are the second largest land mammal The white rhino is the largest rhino species and can weigh over 3500 kg (7700 lb) and is the largest land mammal after the elephant. Elephants can grow to be 7,000 kg (15,000 lb)

Giraffe Fact! Did you know…

Female giraffes give birth standing up and their young may drop several feet to the ground as they are being born. They are protected by the sac though and this keeps them from being harmed during that process. A newborn is about 6 feet tall!

Rhino Fact! Did you know…

Rhinos have poor eyesight, but very well-developed senses of olfaction (smell) and hearing. A rhino has difficulty detecting someone standing only a hundred feet away if the individual remains still. However, if the person makes the faintest sound or the rhino is able to smell the person, it will easily detect him, even at much greater distances. The olfactory portion is the largest area of the rhino’s brain.