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Welcome to Stenden South Africa

An international campus of Stenden University, the Netherlands

stenden south africaStenden South Africa is a leading Private Higher Education Institution situated in the coastal town of Port Alfred. We offer full degree programs in Disaster Management and Hospitality Management. Both these programs and Stenden’s approach to higher education are unique and unparalleled. Stenden South Africa is registered by the Department of Education under number 2002/HE10/001. Our degrees are accredited by the Higher Education Quality Committee and registered by SAQA. The Bachelor of Commerce Hospitality Management degree is registered under number 63710, and the Bachelor of Business Administration Disaster Relief Management is registered under number 90536.


With campus sites in five locations located around the world, students are able to study at different sites, whilst following the same program that will lead towards their degree. We call this Grand Tour. As a result, our campus in Port Alfred is a cosmopolitan mix of nationalities and cultures as we typically receive over 120 students from The Netherlands and other European countries every semester.

Real World Learning for Employability

Stenden’s philosophy towards higher education is that the student should be at the center of the learning experience and that learning should translate into knowledge, skills, and attitude that have value in the industry that students are being educated for. We give shape to this approach through Problem Based Learning whereby students work on industry cases in groups not exceeding 12 students. Our dedicated learning hotel and practical field exercises are other examples of how we prepare students for the real world in a challenging way.

Unleashing Potential

Our mission is to unleash the potential in our students, staff, and the surrounding community. We believe that good education is the result of how much a student is challenged to perform by his or her lecturers. At Stenden South Africa, students are not numbers, but individuals with their own unique potential and ways of learning. We take pride in excellent passing rates and very low drop out rates and a near 100% employability after graduation.

Program Information South Africa

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Wildlife Management
Lodge Management
Change and Innovation Management
Social Entrepreneurship
Advanced Wine Studies
Event Management 1
Event Management 2
International Human Resource Management
Regular modules IHM (2nd & 3rd year)
Regular modules IHM (2nd & 3rd year)



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